Pro bono advice and happy new year

2017 Announcement – Pro Bono Financial Advice, Please Read (takes about 4 minutes)


As you know, I started my own financial planning practice in 2016. I really enjoy the role I play and relationships I have with my clients. When I started in financial services in 2005 I always had the idealistic objective of serving anyone and everyone. My naivety was good-hearted but the reality of being able to serve clients well limited my ability to be an advisor to everyone. I’ve since found that my “sweet spot” is working with those preparing for, or in retirement, as that is a critical stage for financial planning and decision making.


I have wrestled with my original notion of serving everyone. In a recent conversation with a fellow small business owner, I said that when my business gets to a certain point, I would like to spend a couple of hours Friday afternoons doing pro bono financial planning work for individuals who otherwise wouldn’t usually fit the criteria of working with a Certified Financial Planner. He asked “Why do you have to wait until then?”. Although in my mind I came up with many reasons to delay pro bono financial advising, I decided, “He’s right.”. So, I’m committing a couple of hours on Fridays in 2017 to meeting with individuals for FREE.


This is where you come in. If you have friends, family members, coworkers, etc. who could use financial help, please let them know of my offer. These could be individuals just starting out, college students, newlyweds, divorced or widowed individuals, those struggling to make ends meet, the retiree afraid of running out of money or anyone else with financial decision making issues. Whatever the situation, I’m offering advice and guidance to those who could really use it. For this to work, people must find out about it. Please inform people about my availability by simply asking them to contact me via phone or email, or simply forward this email to them. I know from years in financial services that the need exists and I hope to make a difference.


By the way, I am still taking on new clients, please keep me in mind for those with more traditional financial planning and investment needs. Below is a list of services I provide for my clients (I offer a complementary Get to Know You meeting to see if we’re a good fit):


Comprehensive Financial/Retirement Plan. Includes an analysis of where they are, where they want to go, and the resources to get there (covers everything from income and expenses to estate planning and insurance). I then run various scenarios, stress-testing them to see if they are on track to meet their goals and if not what adjustments to make. Clients have online access to their plan, which is regularly updated to track progress.

Income Strategy Plan. Details how to efficiently take/generate income in retirement, coordinating income sources such as pensions, Social Security, investments and taxes.

Portfolio Risk and Needs Assessment. To verify that their portfolio aligns with their risk, time horizon, needs and expectations.

Investment Analysis and Management. To make sure their investment strategy is in line with their goals, is sufficiently diversified and is designed to minimize taxes and costs.


Thank you for your help and Happy New Year!



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